QH Accounting Bookkeeping Service

This service includes QH Accounting undertaking your business or your personal day to day bookkeeping which includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Keeping the books and paperwork of your company in good order
  • Sales and purchase invoices are coded and processed
  • All payments made by the company will be posted via the purchase ledger, nominal ledger and your bank
  • All banking carried out is posted to the bank account and corresponding ledgers
  • Petty cash, credit card payments and personal expenses are processed and entered onto an electronic system
  • Analysis of monthly management accounts (if required)
  • Reconciliation of all bank accounts
  • Keep a record of all input and output VAT (if applicable)
  • Directors’ loan account review (if applicable)
  • HMRC reporting & filing (VAT & PAYE)
  • Complying with Companies House requirements and filing the company’s annual return
  • Liaising with auditors and/or accountants
  • Preparing all books and paperwork for accountants to prepare annual accounts

Please note that we do not provide Payroll services, tax advice or preparation of annual accounts however we could arrange this for you through our associated chartered accountants.